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At W2 Barbershop you will find a welcoming atmosphere where gentlemen of all ages can get exactly what they ask for. We specialise in all male haircuts from the traditional to the extreme trendy. We deliver the highest quality haircut, quickly and at local prices, with substantial concessions for senior citizens.

W2 Barber shop is the place where people of the LS8 area can rely upon. An extension of the neighbourhood spirit provided by the surrounding schools and businesses.

We define ourselves as a trustworthy, wholesome and reliable service. Our aim is to become distinguished as a brand name that symbolises a united community spirit.

I trained as a young apprentice to Leonardo Pompa in Bedford; initially starting out learning the traditional barbers trade , including wet shaves with a cutthroat razor then moving onto head tattoos and patterns.

I have over 17 years hairdressing experience, from three successful salons in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and West Yorkshire, and after a bit of travelling decided to put my money where my mouth is and start up our own Barbers shop.

I intend to pass my skills and knowledge on to potential apprentices not just to expand the business but to also create an environment where students can explore the creative side to hairdressing.

I've been cutting hair since a very young age, for 25 years in fact. It has always been my passion and I can undertake any type of style, from the very traditional to the trendy and modern.

I spent many years travelling very extensively throughout the USA and Europe, working in a variety of salons and Barber Shops along the way. I finally returned to my home city of Leeds where it was time to open a shop in a community that is very close to my heart.

W2 encompasses all the values that we believe makes a great Barbers Shop. A place where men feel at home and that they trust in our brand to provide an unbeatable service, with modest prices.